David Shaw – Head Coach

coach-shaw-shirt-and-tie Coach David Shaw – Head Coach

Coach David Shaw is a graduate of St. Augustine College with over 35 years of Track & Field experience.  He has served as Head Coach of various sports, such as track & field (indoor, outdoor events, and cross-country), basketball, and football, where he has won several championships.  Coach Shaw has won 26 Conference Championships for girls outdoor track; going undefeated for 25 years with the girls and 22 years undefeated with the boys with 23 Conference Championships.  He has won a total of 59 Conference Championships with both boys and girls outdoor track and 7 Cross-Country championships in 12 years with both.  He has trained athletes of all ages with 19 individual State Championship wins for both indoor and outdoor track.  Coach Shaw has coached and trained individuals that have participated in the Olympics, whom which have earned their Olympic trail tickets.

Coach Shaw has over 25 years of experience in coaching basketball, where he led the team to win the Sectional Championship; and over 22 years experience of coaching football.  Coach Shaw has been honored to have received 68 “Coach of the Year” Awards throughout his career and continues to have a passion, dedication and drive to do what he does best…COACH!