Why Track and Field… Why SETC ?


Why Track and Field:

 Track and Field is a sport that involves running, jumping (for height and distance), and throwing (for distance) which dates back to 776 BC.  Track and Field is the pinnacle of sports for the training conditions the body to improve endurance and improve strength with other sports such as basketball, football, baseball, etc.   It also helps to build on fundamentals and skill development that is used in other sports as well.

  • Team Work – not only is Track and Field and individual sport, but it is also a team sport. An individual’s performance has a direct impact on the overall scoring of the team, as well as team performance when competing in relays.  In the event one runner does not perform at their best, then the whole team is directly impacted for they may have to make up for the weakness of the person on the team.
  • Relationship Building – relationships are built during practices and bonds are formed on the field with athletics and parents. They tend to form bonds that help makes the team stronger and more effective on the field.  Parents build a bond where everyone looks after everyone because it is understood that “it takes a village.”
  • Body Conditioning – the vigorous training helps to condition the body which will make the body stronger and improve endurance with other sports such as basketball, football, baseball, etc.
  • Sharpens Coordination – Runners quickly learn how to maintain better control over their bodies to prevent tripping and stumbling while running. The running helps to improve coordination because it forces the body to work together to keep the runner upright and traveling in the correct path.  Individually who run typically move more fluidly than those who do not run or engage in any type of regular exercise.
  • Improves Confidence – Confidence improves as the body is pushed to do things that it may not have thought it could do. Watching the daily improvements, whether it’s in distance, height, or time, improves overall confidence because your biggest and only competition is “YOU” …it’s important that you do better than you did the day before, which increases self esteem.  Improved self-confidence has a positive impact on other areas of your life, such as academic performance, personal relationships and applying for jobs. Plus, when you exercise, you reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight, which also improves your self-esteem.
  • Life Skills – In running you will learn commitment, dedication and discipline. You will also learn to acknowledge diversity and the strengths, opinions, and strategies of your teammates.  You will learn the true meaning of “hard work” and how to be an example.



 Soaring Eagles Track Club (SETC)  is passionate about what we do and live by our motto “…mount up with wings as EAGLES…”  We are true to our overall mission “To glorify God though our every interaction while inspiring and developing others to learn and grow through their own creativity.  To be faithful to all that entrusts us, and positively impact the lives of others in which we have influence.”  We are honored that you entrust us with your athletic needs and we do not take you choosing the SETC family lightly.

SETC is a track & field sports organization serving athletes ages 3 years and older to develop, unite, organize, motivate, inspire and support athletes based on Christian principals and concepts.  We focus on developing the “whole athlete” by catering to their athletic needs, strengths and abilities as well as their academic and spiritual needs and growth.

We are dedicated to devoting a portion of our practices towards the developmental growth of our athletes.  It important that the athletes not only develop athletically, but also to develop spiritually, professionally, academically, etc.  SETC is founded based on Isaiah 40:31.  Our goal is to develop athletically, spiritually, mentally, and physically by serving athletes, parents, and staff through fellowship activities in order to focus on relationship building and spiritual growth.



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